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The 4th International Symposium of Gunma University Initiative for Advanced Research (GIAR)


◆◇◆ 第4回群馬大学未来先端研究機構シンポジウム

The 4th International Symposium of 

Gunma University Initiative for Advanced Research (GIAR)」開催のご案内 ◆◇◆

2017117日(火)前橋商工会議所/Tue, Nov. 7th, 2017, Maebashi Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Annual GIAR international symposium with outstanding domestic/international speakers.

We look forward to seeing you there.


【日時/Dates      2017117日(火)/Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 

【場所/Venue     前橋商工会議所/Maebashi Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

【参加費/Fee        無料/free

【ランチョン/Luncheon】 ランチョンセミナーの申込は下記メールまで/Luncheon with registration by 10/31 

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Session I: Omics approach in basic, translational and clinical research

9:35-10:05           Dr. Claude Sardet, University of Montpellier

Coordinated controls of checkpoints and metabolism by E4F1: Toward novel synthetic lethal approaches to cancer vulnerabilities? 


10:05-10:35         Dr. Jacques Colinge, University of Montpellier

Bioinformatics to uncover gene essentiality and synthetic lethality in large data sets


10:50-11:20         Dr. Keiichi Fukuda, Keio University

Clinical application of human iPS cells for the treatment of patients with severe congestive heart failure


11:20-11:50         Dr. Takahisa Murata, The University of Tokyo

Discovery of a novel biomarker of food allergy


11:50-12:20         Dr. Katsuyuki Yugi, RIKEN center for integrative medical sciences

A trans-omic reconstruction of insulin-dependent regulatory networks for metabolism


Luncheon Seminar 

12:30-13:15         Dr.  Fumio Matsuda, Osaka University

Metabolome, metabolic flux, and targeted proteome analyses of the central carbon metabolism and data visualization using GARUDA platform


 Session II: GIAR – Diversity and Inclusion

13:20-13:45         Dr. Kati Hanhineva, University of Eastern Finland

Dietary whole grain modifies microbiota and enhances production of trimethylated compounds associated with energy metabolism


13:45-14:10         Dr. Atsuo Sasaki, University of Cincinnati

GTP metabolic switch leads to nuclear transformation and malignant growth of cancer cells


14:10-14:35         Dr. Reika Kawabata, Gunma University

Heading towards clinical implementation of omics-based medicine


14:35-15:00         Dr. Yasunori Sato, Chiba University

Statistical methods for big data in medical research


15:15-15:40         Dr. Kathryn D. Held, Massachusetts General Hospital/GIAR

Integrating physics, chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, and human studies in radiation research


15:40-16:05         Dr. Motoshi Suzuki, Fujita Health University

CERS6-dependent sphingolipid profile regultes lung cancer pathogenesis and metastasis


16:05-16:30         Dr. Aghnia Khairinisa, Gunma University

The effects of perinatal gadolinium based contrast agents (GBCAs) injection on adult mice behavior


16:30-16:55         Dr. Akinori Kama, GIAR

New strategies of the World Health Organization


Special Lecture

17:00-18:00         Dr. Takao Shimizu, National Center for Global Health and Medicine

Lipid metabolism in health and disease


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