About GIAR
Gunma University

A Message from the President of Gunma University

As the world is changing rapidly, reform and change of universities are needed as well. In November 2013, Ministry of Educational, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology-Japan (MEXT) released the University Reform Action Plan to define the procedures of reforming universities by clarifying: what kind of society we aim for, the skills needed for our future leaders, and the new type of universities we aim to create. One of the action plan, we are highly requested to promote global-level research and education.

With this background, Gunma University established “Gunma University Initiative for Advanced Research (GIAR)” in April 2014 to aim at developing advanced research fields where Gunma University has already great strengths. As the first step, GIAR develops Integrated Oncology Research, whose core is Heavy Ion Therapy, and Endocrinology, Metabolism and Signal Research. GIAR holds the international open lab for top-level researchers from overseas so that GIAR promotes global research environment. GIAR aims to find out great discoveries for our society and to be one of global research institutes.

President of Gunma University
Chief Executive of GIAR
Hiroshi Hiratsuka

Objectives of GIAR

GIAR was established in 2014 to promote advanced research fields where Gunma University has already great strengths and to encourage further grant acquisition by intensively providing resources and equipment as an initial investment.
GIAR aims to conduct world leading research and activate internationalization of Gunma University by forming the international research basis with the world top-class overseas researchers.