Gunma University

Program Overview

Division of Integrated Oncology Research

Research Program for Heavy Ion Therapy

Research efforts are focused on development of heavy ion micro surgery for upgrading cancer therapy and expanding therapeutic indication. For its purpose, researches and developments are conducted on heavy ion beam irradiation techniques using the heavy ion therapy facilities only in the national universities.
In addition, clinical researches on combination of heavy ion therapy and molecular target drugs etc. are promoted to overcome resistant cancers to any therapeutic modalities.

Research Program for Diagnostic and Molecular Imaging

This research program aims at development and clinical application of novel theranostic probes based on radioisotope-labeled nanoparticles that can provide both diagnostic imaging with high accuracy and sensitivity, and minimum invasive cancer therapy.

Research Program for Omics-based Medical Science

This research program is focused on development of omics-based medicine that can discover drugs and establish a personalized medicine for life style disease, especially for cancer.

Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Signal Research

Research Program for Signal Transduction

Based on accumulated achievements through the COE and Global COE programs at Gunma University, this research program aims to investigate the mechanism of signal transduction in the field of endocrinology, metabolism, and development to elucidate the etiology and pathogenesis of life-style diseases and to search for their molecular targets.

Research Program for Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Disease

We explore the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying the metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease that are highly prevalent and increasing worldwide. Our approach is to uncover the regulatory mechanisms of endocrine function and energy metabolisms and to develop the novel therapeutic strategies for this disorder.

Research Program for Neural Signaling

This research program aims to study the homeostatic and degenerative signaling of the nervous system, and consequently to develop novel therapies against intractable neurological disorders.

International Open Laboratory

# Dr.Held(MGH)

# Dr.Wheelock(Karolinska)

# Univ. of Liege


Big Data Center for Integrative Analysis

Big Data Center for Integrative Analysis