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【Information】The 12th GIAR International Symposium

On March 1st  and 2nd, 2022, GIAR will host the 12th Online International Symposium of Gunma University Initiative for Advanced Research (GIAR) titled “Genome Action”. This year, the symposium is broadcast by Zoom between Sweden, Denmark, USA and Japan. We look forward to your participation!


Date/TimeMarch 1st   [Tue]  2022, 16:20-19:00(JST)/ 8:20-11:00(CET)

      16:20-16:30 Opening remarks by ISHIZAKI Yasuki (President of Gunma University)
       Session 1

      16:30-17:00 SHIBATA Atsushi

      17:00-17:30 SHIBUYA Hiroki 

      17:30-18:00 NARITA Takeo 

      Meet the expert & discussion (online) 18:00-19:00


      March 2nd  [Wed] 2022,  8:30-11:30(JST)/ 18:30-21:30(EST)

       Session 2
      8:30-9:00 KUROSAKI Tatsuaki 

      9:00-9:30 YASUHARA Takaaki 

       〈Keynote Lecture〉

      9:30-10:20 TAKATA Minoru 

      10:20-10:30 Closing remarks by HANAYA Minoru

             (Director of GIAR, Gunma University Executive Director)
      Meet the expert & discussion  (online) 10:30-11:30

Venue】Zoom and Gunma University

Language】 English

Admission】 Free

【Pre-egistration Required 〈

        Please log in on the day with the same name as when you registered.

Organizers】 Dr. SHIBATA Atsushi (GIAR)

Contact】 GIAR Support Office