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【Report】 The 12th GIAR International Symposium

On March 1st and 2nd, 2022, GIAR took place the 12th Hybrid International Symposium of Gunma University Initiative for Advanced Research (GIAR) under the theme of “Genome Acction2022”. It was organized by Dr. SHIBATA Astushi.

After the welcome address by President ISHIBASHI Yasuki, the guest speakers delivered their talks on the screen and at Tojo Hall with their presentation slides. Each talk made a number of fruitful discussions from the audience. Finally, this event successfully ended with the closing remarks by GIAR Director HANAYA Minoru.

This year’s symposium, also broadcast by Zoom between Sweden, Denmark, USA and Japan, because of the COVID-19. However we had around 100 attendees and it was a meaningful symposium for young researchers to learn about advanced research trends.

As a new attempt, we set up a place to exchange opinions with participants and speakers using the virtual office space. It was a beneficial try.

GIAR plans to continue to interact with various researchers and further accelerate international research activities.


【on demand broadcasting】

Term 8th – 10th March, 2022


SHIBATA Laboratory


[Photo of the guest speakers, the organizers]