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〈Information〉Special Lecture by Dr. Dominique Cahard (Normandie University, France)

Dr. Dominique Cahard (Normandie University, France)will have lecture.

■Date/Time 14th June, 2022 15:00~

■Lecturer Dr. Dominique Cahard

    (Normandie UniversityCNRS Research Director, France)

■Venue Gunma University Kiryu Campus (room 8N-21)


「Asymmetric Assembly of Fluorinated Scaffolds: Direct introduction of emerging fluorinated motifs versus Transformation of fluorinated building blocks」

Summary of lecture: The synthesis of enantiopure molecules featuring a fluorine atom or a fluorinated motif has stimulated considerable interest. The subtle effects of fluorine atom(s) on the course of asymmetric reactions often offer interesting results when compared with the chemistry of non–fluorinated molecules. The asymmetric construction of fluorinated molecules can be approached either by direct introduction of a fluorinated group or by transformation of prostereogenic fluorinated substrates. In this context, we have investigated various approaches which will be presented in my lecture.


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