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Dr. HOSSAIN Laboratory

Research into fundamental properties and processes associated with material surfaces

The invention of new chemistry for atomically precise chemical functionalization of material surface, which can lead to entirely new classes of low-dimensional nanomaterials with vast tunability in chemical, electrical, and optical properties.

Research Fields

Nanomaterial science/ Silicon chemistry/ Surface chemistry Physical chemistry


Graphene/ Silicon/ MoS2/ BN/ Two dimensional material

Graphene Field Effect Transistor (GFET) based biosensors

Because of the most specific and strongest noncovalent interaction and labeling capability
of biotin, avidin–biotin technology is used in ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) kits,
polymer-based detection methods, and labeled immunosensors for the detection of different biomarkers for
different diseases including cancer and influenza. We exploite the avidin-biotin technology in GFET for
the detection of bio-macromolecules.

Synthesis of black phosphorus phosphorus

Among the 2D materials, a thin layer of black phosphorus (BP) called phosphorene is a
promising material for utilization in several devices because of its tunable direct band gap depending
on the number of layers, high carrier mobility, and strong in-plane anisotropy. Although BP is the most
stable among the three allotropes of elemental P, it is the most expensive because of difficulties in
its synthesis. Indeed, one of the key challenges in materialization of the enormous opportunity for
various applications is the quick and cost-effective bulk synthesis of pure BP. We succeeded in
synthesis of black phosphorus from red phosphorus in just 5 hours in secured and safe way.



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