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Brief History

April 2019 – Present Associate Professor, Division of Integrated Oncology Research, Gunma University Initiative for Advanced
Research (GIAR)
August 2018 Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Department of Innovative Cancer Immunotherapy, Gunma University
May 2018 Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Department of Oncology Clinical Development, Gunma University
October 2016 Lecturer at GIAR
April 2015 Lecturer, Molecular Pharmacology and Oncology, Gunma University
April 2013 Assistant Professor, Department of General Pathology and Surgical Science, Gunma University
July 2010 Medical Staff, Department of Surgery, Gunma University Hospital
April 2007 Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Kyushu University (Beppu)
April 2006 Medical Staff, Department of Surgery, Gunma Saiseikai Maebashi Hospital
April 2005 Department of Surgery, Gunma University Hospital
April 2004 Department of Surgery, Fujioka General Hospital, Gunma Prefecture
June 2003 Department of Surgery, Nakatsu Municipal Hospital, Oita Prefecture
May 2002 Pathology and General Surgery, Gunma University Hospital
March 2002 Graduated from St. Marianna University School of Medicine

Main Achievements


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2018 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research by the Pancreas Research Foundation of Japan(Fiscal year 2018)
2018 Fiscal year 2018 Grant-in-Aid by the Suzuken Memorial Foundation
2018 The Eiichiro Tahara Award at the 7th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Gastroenterological Carcinogenesis
2018 2018 Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology, Travel grant.
2017 Incentive Award at the 26th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Strategies for Cancer Research and Therapy
2015 Medical Research Encouragement Prize of The Japan Medical Association
2014 Uehara Memorial Foundation Life Science Research Grant
2014 Japan Surgical Society (JSS) Clinical Investigation Project Award
2010 The 7th International Symposium on Cancer Research and Therapy, Subsidy Award